‘Artist editions’ turn sinks into works of art


Q: I’m changing out my plumbing fixtures in my master bathroom. It’s a pretty nice bathroom, and I want to make it extra special by installing a fancy decorated (painted-type) sink. What types of sinks are available when you get into the decorative fixtures? Will I have to limit my style choices?

Connie – La Porte

A:┬áDecorative sinks are often called “artist editions,” because they look more like a work of art than a bathroom sink. Artistic patterns can include florals, geometric designs or even custom “special interest” themes.

You can get decorative sinks that are wall-hung, under-mounted, vessel-type, drop-in and even pedestal-based for that old-fashioned look.

Style choice should not be an issue. As far as materials go, a popular choice for a decorative sink is vitreous china. And then there’s the faucet. If the faucet is not on the same level of artistic flare as your sink, your entire creative venture could end up going down the drain.

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