Not Everyone is Welcome

Q  –  It seems like every winter we have the same problem of mice finding their way into our home.  I have to set traps annually, but my mother saw a mouse while we were having Christmas dinner this year, so now I’m desperate for any ways to stop them from entering my home and not just trapping the ones that do get in.
Pat – La Porte

A  –  There’s no worse time than the holidays to have unwanted house guests scurrying across your dining room floor. Unfortunately, fall and winter are prime pest invasion times. To prevent rodents and winged critters from breaking in, start by strengthening your home’s vulnerable spots.  Here’s a list of popular entry points for mice and other critters:

Window and Door Frames

Replace worn weather stripping. Repair soft spots in wood sills and frames; rats and mice can gnaw at them to gain entry. Screens should fit frames tightly; patch tears right away.


Banish bats by closing up gaps in eaves and flashing joints with aluminum or galvanized steel. Fill holes in soffits and fascia with expanding foam. Trim back trees to reduce access paths for squirrels.


Use river rock or stones as a barrier between your home and mulch—it’ll prevent mice from cozying up to your foundation. Seal any cracks or crevices around basement pipes with mortar.

Chimney and Attic Vents

Cover the flue with a chimney cap to keep out squirrels, bats, and raccoons. Screen vent openings with ¼-inch hardware cloth.


Mice and bats can burrow through damaged panels, so replace them. Fill gaps between trim and siding with caulk, and stuff larger holes with copper mesh or steel wool, then seal with expanding foam.

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